Saturday, April 18, 2015

Top 5: My Top 5 Fantasies

A top 5 of my favorite fantasies - some realistic some not so much

1 - Demons
      So I am sure that I deleted the post where I talked about my obsession with evil and how much it turns me on. I have dreams on the regular of a strong demon taking me with little to no regard for how I feel about the situation.

2 - Being worshiped.
      What woman doesn't want to be an object of desire and the center of attention.

3 - MMF 3some
      This one is pretty inline with the above, but also the element of having 2 cocks instead of one... 2 dominant men.... 2 sets of hands... 2 mouths... mmmmmmmmm

4 - Being Used
      Now this one is really a fantasy, I wouldn't ACTUALLY want to be used and abused then left, but the idea of  it is rather hot. I generally picture a strong male lead, lots of oral and a fast hard fuck before being left to ponder what had happened.

5 - The Boss
      I have fantasized more than once about sleeping with the boss, whether it be for a promotion or just the torrid affair, sweeping the contents of a desk top to the floor and fucking hard and fast before we get caught.

Something that is a constant theme in my fantasies is male dominance. While I do have a sadistic streak a mile wide and like to make boys cry, I just prefer my sex to be male dominated.

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