Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Short Story - Home Coming by Rhiannon Bowen-Mackey (Rose Thornes)

 His fingers trailed down her body as she laid there watching him. She had agonized about this  moment for weeks, months even. She wanted this so, much she couldn't even think straight the last days before he got there. Her pussy would ache just at the thought of his touch and her heart would break thinking about him leaving again.
 They had be separated for a year now by the better part of the country, he had moved away when he joined the military. She loved him so very deeply and now he was back in her arms. She smiled down at him as he laid sweet kisses across her belly as he moved down her body. As he reached the line of her underwear he looked up at her with that wicked grin she had grown accustom to over the years.
 She watched him as he hooked his fingers into the line of her panties and slowly pulled them down her hips and off of her legs. Slowly he kissed back up the inside of her thigh and lays the sweetest, most gentle kiss on her lips before slowly probing her with this rough wanton tongue. Rose arches her back at his touch and a soft moan escapes her lips. Too long has she waited for this, quickly growing impatient she bucks her hips against his movements drawing closer to the first orgasm. The white light behind her eyes was blinding as she came. He groaned as he lapped up her sweet juices.
 Jay moved and positioned himself above her ready to enter her with his large cock. She never realized how much she could miss one man's member so much. Her hips lifted as he slid into her tight waiting pussy. His movements were slow and deliberate. She wanted him to move faster inside her, she was hungry for him and needed to him just let go and take her, Rose moved her hips in time with his, as their pace increased so did the warmth in her belly and the aching need for a second climax. The sweat glistened on their skin during their lustful dance, she was so close to reaching the point of no return when he stopped pulling out coaxing her to flip onto her hands and knees reentering her roughly with the passions high. Jay pounded into her fast and hard now both moaning loudly and screaming. God she missed this. Soon they were both coming together, as they collapsed into a heap on the bed she cooed sweetly at him and kissed his forehead.
 “Welcome Home...”
They laid there together for some time just enjoying each others company. After a bit Rose sat up and smiled down at Jay.
           "Should we go grab some dinner babe?" She asked sweetly. She watched as he mulled it over in his head, he nodded and stood pulling on his jeans and t-shirt. his arms encircled her waist and he pulled her close kissing her neck.
           "But only if I get you for desert!" He whispered against her neck. He knees felt weak all over again, Rose giggled and nodded. 

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