Wednesday, April 15, 2015

No sex drive

For the last few weeks I have been dealing with the fact that I have had no sex drive what so ever. It sucks! I feel terrible, like I am neglecting my hubby. He is being as understanding as he can but I know he is frustrated too since I have no idea what is going on. I figure it has to do with depression and stress.

What I have found that helps is catching him earlier in the day, not just at bedtime. By the time we are crawling into bed I have no desire to do anything but sleep. Also watching porn together has been helpful, Im not sure that its the porn itself or just the both of us working together on a common goal lol.

Mornings are the worst, as I am waking up is not the time I am wanting to be grabbed at and groped lol. I just want my coffee so I can get ready to go to work. I am NOT a morning person at all.

On the upside things seem to be getting better for me, I am not as put off by the idea of having sex so that is a major bonus. I am looking at going back on anti-depressants as well which should help a great deal.

How do you combat no sex drive??

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