Sunday, August 23, 2015

Slut Shaming

I keep seeing the apple tree metaphor use to shame girls, and while the above example isn't directly sex shaming it is in act still shaming. This says that some girls are rotten/bad/not good enough for what ever reason. John Oliver brought up the apple tree thing a few weeks back on "Last Week Tonight" while he was talking about sex ed in this country and I just find it to be rage inducing. 
It also says that the girls who wait are superior to girls who don't wait, and also that its ok for boys to pick through the "bad apples" to get to the good ones but girls are to wait around to be picked. 

I hate this shit... Why is it ok for boys? 
Why do girls get told that if they are sexually active or even dating around that they are "rotten" or "bad"?
Boys don't get compared to fruit that is going to rot if its touch. 
Boys are studs, boys are virile, boys are just being boys...
but girls are sluts, whores, sullied, rotten, bad, dirty.

I know this is not a new subject or even news. But this pisses me off. Women are equal to men. We need to end this shit. We need our daughters/ sisters/ mothers etc to know that we are equal. To know that we are not sullied because we enjoy sex, because we enjoy our bodies, because we are friends with boys. We are allowed.


Women are allowed to be sexual, social, out going, we are allowed to say NO, we are allowed to be free to talk to boys. We are free to tell someone that we would rather just be friends. We do not own anyone but ourselves. 


I am not in a polyamorous relationship,  but I am polyamorous.
I am not in a (sexual) relationship with a woman but I am bisexual.
I do not go to a specific church,  but I am spiritual and have faith.
I am still something.
I am still part of a community.
I still deserve representation.