Sunday, May 21, 2017

Obsessions with Evil pt. 2

So... here I am again writing about this... again.

My stance hasn't changed. I think I may have figured out where the particular bent came from. My boyfriend/childhood sweetheart/ man of my dreams.

He has a fairly evil streak to him. From the wicked grin to being a sadist... I used to think maybe evil could be fixed and be perfect and what not... Evil cannot be fixed, however I recant my previous statement that evil isn't relationship material. Dag and I are doing incredibly well this time. We have both grown up and understand that relationships take work and communication. blah blah blah.

Here is a list of (fictional) Evil Sexy-ness:

Lady Lucille Sharpe (Jessica Chastain)

The Phantom (Gerard Butler)

The Black Swan (Natalie Portman)

Lucius Malfoy (Jason Issacs)

The Evil Queen (Charlize Theron)

Loki (Tom Hiddleston)

Queen Beryl 

Dr. Jonathan Crane Aka Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy)

If anyone is interested, I am thinking about compiling a list of actual (historical) sexy evil people. I think it would be an interesting list. Lemme know what you think?


  1. Evil aint sexy.
    Only 2 realms after
    our demise, dear...
    and 1 of em aint too cool.
    Or sexy.

    When our eternal soul leaves our body
    at death, only four, last things remain:
    death, judgement, Heaven or Hell
    according to the deeds WEE mortals
    have done in our Finite Existence.
    Find-out what RCIA means and join.

    PS° I'm a re-boot NDE:
    if you're RIGHT,
    you'll see the LIGHT -
    follow that to the Elysian Fields.
    Let's be tethered2forever Upstairs.

    1. Lookit George Sorrows...
      err, I mean, Soros.
      Think those bags are super sexy?
      He's completely evil.

      Decide NOW which path you'll follow.
      trustNjesus, baby doll.
      Meet me Upstairs someday.
      Let's gitta BIG-OL-BEER.
      Gotta lotta tok about
      discussing our nonillions
      N centillions... of 4play.
      cya soon...

      ...cuzz I want it, too.
      Just not here.
      Here, we gotta serve the King.
      And if you aint married,
      keep thy hands OFFA thy genitalia.
      Upstairs, however, you N me can have
      tons O fun for eternity.

      Lemme show you how to wiseabove:
      Find-out what RCIA means and join.
      God bless your indelible soul.