Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fiction Friday (on Saturday) Pt 1. Corruption

“Your soul will scream for mercy and you will have none...” He growled into her ear.

She shuddered and arched her back slightly trying to press her body against his touch as his long slim fingers traced a line from just behind her ear, down her neck and between her breasts. A small sound escaped her lips and a slight smile curled at the edges of her mouth.


He through his head back and an unholy laugh ripped from his throat, he then leaned down and kissed her deeply. His fingers traced farther down her body, across the plane of her stomach stopping just before he reached the waistband of her panties. She whimpered and lifted her hips slightly urging him to keep going, instead his hand flew to her throat gripping it tightly.

“Do you think this is a game... that I wont destroy you...”

He runs the tip of his tongue across the line of her jaw. She closes her eyes and revels in the sensation of the cool hand against her throat, her breathing only slightly hindered by the pressure. She lets out a sound almost like a purr.

“Oh but I know you will... you already have” she says in a breathy moan. “You ruined me years ago, my destruction has been a slow one.”

Anger welled in his chest as he squeezed her throat a bit tighter, his other hand moved quickly to her hips, he dug his nails into the ridge of her hip and drug them down the side of her leg bringing the panties with. Slowly he releases her throat and lays kisses where his hand had been. She smiled and ran a hand across the top of his head, entangling her fingers in his hair.

He kissed across her collar bone and down her chest, before sinking his teeth into the sweet flesh of her left breast, she almost screamed but was quickly silenced as he let go and took her nipple into his mouth flicking his tongue over the little bud. His hand moved over the small patch of smooth skin before slipping his fingers between her legs circling her clit and smiling at how wet she already was. Her back arched when he found that almost perfect pattern of movement, he slowed and slid his fingers lower and slowly entered her, probing gently. She moaned loudly and stared up at him, his grin was wicked and oozing with evil. He removed his fingers and brought them to her lips. Without any hesitation she opened her mouth and suckled on his fingers tasting herself on him. He groaned feeling himself stiffen more, his cock as ridged as the cool alabaster he appeared to be carved from.

“Woman you will be the death of me...” he watched her haematic red lips part as she released his fingers he quickly caught her mouth with his. His tongue parting her lips and then exploring her mouth swirling around her tongue, sliding against her teeth. He moaned against her mouth as she snaked a hand down his stomach to the bulge in his leather pants. She tugged at the lacing and only struggled slightly before releasing him and begins to push the pants off his hips. He breaks their kiss and stands to lose the pants. He drops to his knees and crawls back towards her with a wicked grin.

She smiled back at him, she loved him. Everything in her craved him and his touch, he was like a drug to her, intoxicating and alluring. She had walked through hell to get to him more than once and would do it again if necessary. Whatever spell he had over her was strong and lasting. It was warm and heavy like the scent of vanilla and tobacco, it wrapped around her like a blanket and she reveled in it.

He moved with quick precision, hands running up her calves, over her thighs and to her hips. He pulls her to him and then pauses looking over her for a moment. She had a smile that would melt you if you were lucky enough for her to share it with you. Her eyes were blue, but not in a shocking or striking way, and yet still out of the ordinary, the centers a gray blue with an almost raven black blue ring at the outer edge. He leaned forward and kissed her sweetly before slipping into her with enough force to pull a moan deep from within.

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