Monday, January 16, 2012

A Note on Safer Sex

So we have all heard "There is no such things as safe sex, abstinence is the only way to protect yourself 100%" and this may be true, but there are ways to reduce the risk or disease transmission and pregnancy prevention.

On the note of pregnancy prevention, there are as many choices and options as there are stars in the heavens (for women) Everything from natural family planning methods to sterilization! Not as many options exists for the prevention of disease transmission. You really only have barriers. Condoms (Both male and female), Gloves, and dental dams. Luckily these are all pretty easy to come across.

Testing regularly is also a good idea. I have a full STD Panel done once a year and again if I am changing partners.

My current partner and I are fluid bonded, and have been for 10 years. (Meaning we have exchanged bodily fluids). Now this only protects us if we use a barriers with other partners and if we are open and honest about who we are sleeping with etc. This also (obviously) doesn't protect against pregnancy. Currently since we are 18 hours away from each other, we are not really concerned with pregnancy prevention, but I prefer a natural planning method that utilizes things like you basal body temp, the consistency of your cervical mucus and keeping track of your period to predict ovulation, and your fertile/not fertile days.

So what are your thoughts on safer sex?


  1. Master and I typically practice safe sex, as in I'm on birth control, and we typically use condoms. We too are fluid bonded, but we are both very clean, and I too get a check up every single year by my ob/gyn. The only time we have sex without a condom is when we know I'm at a low fertility rate, plus my periods only happen every three months due to the type of birth control I am on. I have always been a fan of safe sex, and Master is the only person I have ever been fluid bound with. ^.^

  2. I'm pretty happy with barrier methods, particularly condoms. I've only had intercourse a few times over the years without them, for a variety of reasons...